The unhidden beauty of Santorini


Famous for its sunsets, astonishing views of clear blue skies and romantic atmosphere, Santorini is a Greek island located in the Cyclades Islands on the site of an active volcano.
As the summer approached, so did my birthday and I started looking at destinations to go to celebrate with my loved one. Having seen photos of Santorini, it appealed very attractive to combine a romantic holiday with a little celebration.
So it was!
Where to stay
There were several choices for stay offered by our travel agency – Thira, Imperovigly and Oia . These are three of the most popular villages for tourists, which rests on the caldera. All of these spots have unique architecture (which is what in my opinion is what makes the Island so alluring) of white painted villages sitting on red cliffs .
We talked to a few friends, who went and each recommended a different option. Thira for example is the main town, it is much bigger than the other two and it has more things to – more bars, restaurants, shops, as it is a very touristic place. You can even find a very nice shisha bar.
Nevertheless, we went to Oia, which I absolutely fell in love with.
On the first look, it looks almost the same with all the other villages in the area , but for me its charm comes from the elegance and style, it is very small, clean and I can just call it Classy.
We stayed at Ambition Suits, it is a hotel made of only five private suits and each has a Jacuzzi , its own terrace and sunbeds . In the mornings we woke up to a beautiful view over the island and an amazing breakfast of eggs, croissants, fresh orange juices and all other little treats.
The experience was great and I recommend it for romantic holidays and occasions, such as honeymoons.
There are a few other Hotels from this type, such as Astarte Suits and Canaves Hotel, which are in very close to each other and also to the center of the village.
When it comes to food, I love good food , but most of all I absolutely love dining with a nice view.
Santorini  had it both.
The first night we were recommended a restaurant called Skala, it is located just off the main pedestrian street on the side of the cliff and it overlooks the village ( a view to remember , especially at late afternoon) and we were very pleasantly surprised. They have the best shrimps I have ever tried, their kitchen is very localized and each dish is special, and tastes great ( of course this is very subjective , because is a matter if taste, but I believe most people would love it ).
On my birthday night, I was very happy to find out that we are going to Ambrosia Restaurant in Oia ,similarly to Skala the place has a magnificent view , it is romantic and the dishes are made of locally selected fresh products.

Ambrosia Restaurant, Oia

MUST DO Things….
One of my favorite experience was going to see the famous sunsets of Santorini ( they are considered among the most beautiful ones in the world and some people travel there just to see it. There are many spots from where you can watch it.
The first time we experienced it was in Oia , probably this is one of the most famous place to go and enjoy this romantic scene in the company of your loved ones and close people. At about 7;30pm thousands of tourists start heading towards sites of the island to enjoy this unforgettable scene when the sun goes down.  I would strongly recommend  going there at least an hour earlier in order to find a good spot in between  the crowd.


The second time we went to watch the sundown was in Thira ( Also called  Fira) , the capital of Santorini. Cafe Irini was the perfect place for it and in my opinion this spot shows even more the charm of the sunset. It is also much better to sit , have a glass of wine and wait to see the grace of the sun going down. However, sometimes it  can be hard to find a table especially after 7pm. Yet, is worth trying to go early and getting one.

Cafe Irini , Fira

Another MUST Do thing is to go in the little pedestrian streets of the villages, which are full of art galleries , little crafty shops of locals, restaurants and cafes. I like art, but I am not so much of an art person, nevertheless I was going from one gallery into another , because there is some charm and delicacy in their location and their overall presentation.
There is so much to say about this Greek Island, but I guess the true experience cannot be put into words,  I guess I should just conclude with that  it was the most amazing birthday I have ever had ……


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  1. I love this post…
    Thanks for the tips. I’m planing to visit Santorini any time soon so as a guide i will use this post…

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