MONACO: Not just about F1! The calendar is never empty when it comes to events…

Speaking about Monaco an association with the famous Monte Carlo Casino and the Grand Prix pops into our heads. True, this is what has made this tiny principality so popular, however there is much more to it, especially when it comes to events.
I would like to give my readers an inside into the yearly events, which bring visitors all year around and shake a little the perception that the so-called City – State is “ Boring “ throughout the year.

The Yacht Show, September

 Towards the end of September thousands of visitors (business and leisure oriented) land at Nice Airport excided to attend the exclusive launches of the newest and more innovative yachts. Port Hercule (the main port of Monaco, the other one is Fontvieille ) hosts the exhibition.
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Monaco Yacht Show

Tickets for the event are available for sale on the MYS official website and the prices start from 150 euros for a one day pass.The show itself is worth going if you are either in the yachting industry, looking to buy a yacht or want to network.
A year ago, when I attended the event the exhibition itself did not present much interest to me (although was part of my studies), yes it was beautiful, the boats were huge, but what I really enjoyed were the after parties at the Monaco Yacht Club, these were real fun and there were people from all over the world, who all flew to MYC for the event.
Hotels, clubs and restaurants are full, so booking in advance is a must at this time of the year.

MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Industry) , October

Next to present itself after the yacht business is the international clubbing industry, which gathers together exhibitors in the sphere of beverages, design and technology, which meet buyers in the face of international clubs, cafes and beaches. The trade show is usually hosted in the Grimaldi Forum where visitors can experience the innovation in the nightlife industry by trying new drinks, listening to music to try new sound systems, etc.
At the evening of the three days/nights event there are organized parties with worldwide famous DJs for where you can book tables (a little pricey for sure, because they go with bottles and minimum spend). Going in without a table is also not a bad option, because there is a huge dance floor where even the people from the tables end up.


Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year in Monaco; the winter season’s charisma comes from flashy decorations and Christmas lights, and I can only compare it to a fairy tail. Place du Casino where the Monte Carlo Casino is located every year is embellished in a different theme portraying a new fairy.

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I have always though of Café de Paris as a very touristic place and was never fond of it, however my perception completely changed when Christmas approached. I started going for a hot chocolate there almost every day just to look at this alluring picture and feel the atmosphere of Xmas songs, people shopping for presents and the general cheerful mood. Likewise, further down at Port Hercule , the fairy continues every year with a Christmas Market . Usually after 5pm every one goes there to treat themselves with some chocolates or to buy decoration for their Christmas Trees.
For those who plan to visit Monaco, you may want to consider the winter months as well, because there is some real charm at this time.

To be continued….

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