What to wear for Monaco Yacht Exhibition?

Outfit ideas for women

It is the second day already of the September Yacht Exhibition taking place at the world’s most glamorous location –Monaco.

I should have probably posted this a few days ago, but better late, than never.

One of the key questions, which we (women) normally ask ourselves and whoever is close to us, is “ What should I wear? ”.And having an answer to that is actually very important, because you don’t want to end up dressing in a last minute rush.

The yacht show is a business event; therefore you have to be appropriately dressed, regardless of whether you are there for work or just for pleasure. So guys no Nikes, no mini skirts and no Sweaters.

It is a serious event where you will meet business people from all around the world and trust me first impression is key.

I would like to share with you my outfit ideas for the day time, when you will walk  around super yachts, drink high-end  champagne and try different types of caviar.


I also prepared an outfit for the evening, whether you will go just for dinner or a party on a boat, be dressy and don’t worry you will not be overdressed. At these kinds of events all the ladies have their hills on for the evening.


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