A guide into bohemian Prague:Dine fine and dive into the local culture

The capital of Czech Republic epitomizes the true definition of a culturally rich city. Prague has a beautiful gothic architecture and an enriching culture, which confer this so-called romantic and bohemian atmosphere.

Located on the Vltava River, the City of a Hundred Spires looks very much like a colorful fairy .The bohemian capital is the perfect place for those who love the finer things in life. Home to countless number of art galleries, museums, luxury hotels and good restaurants, Prague, really is all about an elegant experience.


As the winter season is approaching, the “Little Paris” becomes a preferred tourist destination by many and knowing some first-rate spots to dine, as well as the main historic highlights to visit are among the key factors to experience Prague better than expected.

Where to Dine & Wine

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoisie


Found on the narrow streets of the Old Town, the up-scale Michelin hotspot offers haute local cuisine, which is a Must Try if you like fine food. The Czech restaurant has a tasting menu-style, which breaks the bad perception left from communist times that the traditional local food is basic and not good.

The seven-coursed meals prepared with fresh products from Czech organic farms provide unique tasting experience.

Do not forget to make a reservation a few days in advance; the place is opened only for dinner and always at its full capacity.


Do you like more modern and luxurious places to eat? Then the newly opened CottoCrudo restaurant is where you will get one night of fine and trendy dinning. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, the chic restaurant is the first one in the city to bring out the lounge-style concept. This Italian hotspot in town has a stunning terrace for the warmer days overlooking the Vltava River. You have a choice of having a full course meal at the restaurant part or to take small bites in the lounge with some cocktails.

A personal favorite, CottoCrudo is a casual, chic and trendy location, and once again-book your tables.

Pasta Fresca

Located in a basement in the Old Town, the Italian restaurant -Pasta Fresca, prepares homemade pasta in-house, allowing you to catch a glimpse on the process of how the fresh ingredient is made, hence creating a cozy and home atmosphere.

The Italian dinning room looks more like a real house with its own Italian wine cellar, rather than a trendy restaurant, which makes the place special.

If you want a relaxing and warm environment with good quality food, you should definitely try it.

P.S Reservations are recommended.

Cloud bar

After having a delicious dinner in some of the listed restaurants, you will probably be thirsty for a drink or two at a stylish and elegant location with a stunning view. Considering you are visiting Prague, going to a rooftop bar that overlooks the Vltava River is a Must. Cloud 9 Sky Bar, located in the Hilton Hotel is one of the top bars of its kind, which offer a glimpse over Prague. It is an up-scale lounge with artistic cocktails, beautiful terrace and live music, promising a superb experience.

To be continued…..

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