London’s exclusive Halloween events

No Tricking, Just Teasing 

Less than two weeks left until one of the most anticipated events for the season. This year Halloween will take place on the 31st of October-Monday, which gives you a solid reason to go out and indulge in the provocative and scary, yet chic and elegant celebration atmosphere in some of London’s top luxurious venues.

We have put together a list of seven high-end spooky events that will be taking place in the British capital. In the manner, as the week of Halloween is almost here, don’t miss out on the top parties in London, which will be haunted in style and will offer alluring entertainment, and fine dining.

1.The Mansion London – Halloween Ball

Date: 29th October 2016

Venetian Mask

Are you the type of person who dares? Do you like surprises? Then you should consider attending the exclusive secret Halloween Ball organized by the Mansion London.

The house-type, elite parties are an unconventional experience, due to the mystery created around the unawareness of the location. The guests find out where the chic event will take place after they purchase the tickets, 48 hours before the party.

Dress Fancy and don’t worry about the rest, the organizers think it all through. Gathering together an elite and friendly crowd, as well as providing fun and entertaining atmosphere in the face of top performers, fire-shows and Dj’s, The Mansion never fails to surprise and provide a one-time party.

2.The Candlelight Club- Halloween pop-up cocktail

Date: 28th, 29th October 2016

Barman’s hand with shaker and cocktails

 For Halloween, The Candlelight Club would like to take you back to the 1920s to sense the glitz of the Flapper Era. If you want to celebrate in a sophisticated and stylish way, then go for it and indulge in this haunted, Jazz Age event with Jazz music and swing dancing.

The cocktail-style celebration will take place in a secret location, once again creating mystery. It must be a London thing, but yes, hidden venues seem to be a trademark in the British capital’s nightlife. Guests, who purchased tickets and made their bookings, will be revealed the exact destination of the party two days before.

Although the private carousal will not share the location, you are given the option to explore the dining and cocktail menu for the night at the Club’s website.

Dress code: the 1920s or to make it easier-Gatsby style.

Ladies- put on a flapper dress; gentleman- for you are the dandy suits.

3.Beaufort House Chelsea – Halloween at The House;“ A little party, never killed nobody “

Date: 27th October 2016

Flapper girl: Retro party invitation design template. Vector ill

An elegant and luxurious Halloween night is coming up at the three floor Private Members club in Chelsea. Beaufort House directors will open doors for those of you who would like to party in the horror mansion and step back in the 1920s.

Yes, Gatsby style parties, as well as secret locations seem to be the trend this season and if you want to be trendy, you should stick to it.

The members club will transform into a candlelit, haunted house, which will host brave top Dj’s playing commercial sounds and lavish artists to entertain Gatsby when he comes back from the dead.

Dress Code: Roaring Twenties and a lot of feathers.

4.Novikov – Horror Circuits Halloween Party

Date: 28th October 19 2016

woman like gothic puppet clown

Lets celebrate Halloween Mayfair style in the heart of London’s most exclusive area where the majority of high-end restaurants, bars and clubs can be found.

The elegant lounge -Novikov, which is a preferred dinning and drinks destination by London’s elite, will be hosting a special night for the upcoming spooky night. The trendy hotspot will revolutionize into a horror circuits where a top-notch contortionist, sword-swallowers, Dj and a cabaret show will entertain the guests taking them into the eccentric world of weirdoes. If you want to be part of this darkly twisted, yet luxurious fun experience, don’t hesitate and make a table reservation in advance.

Dress Code: Not mandatory.

5.Kaspar’s, The Savoy Hotel – Halloween Dinner Party

Date: 29th & 31st October 2016

London Savoy Hotel

For those of you who would prefer a more sophisticated time, rather than a grandiose-commercial bash, Kaspar’s at the Savoy is organizing something a little different and mysterious.

Inspired by the tragic story of Woolf Joel, a South African diamond mogul who held a dinner for 14 in the Savoy Hotel back in 1989 when one of the guests canceled and they remained 13. The story tells that one of the companions told the others that the unlucky number will lead to the death of the first one to leave – Joel was that person and then a few weeks later he was shot dead.

Back on the Halloween celebration, the famous restaurant located in this landmark hotel has organized a customized, exclusive dinner party for 13 at a stylish private dining room. The Savoy will recreate this ill-fated evening back in the past and welcome those who dare to sit around the 5-course dinner table.

So, if you consider yourself as lucky, join Kaspar’s table, the price for the private dinner is £1313.13 for 13 guests (plus Kasper of course) , this one of a kind luxury experience will for sure remain an unforgettable Halloween.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, No Sportswear

7.C&B Monument- Champagne & Shameless Sins: The Death of Widow Clicquot

Date: 29th October 2016


What better way to treat yourself in an elegant way than enjoying a glass or may be more, of good champagne. C&B Bar is throwing a wicked Champagne and Shameless Sins party for Halloween to mark the 150th Anniversary since the death of Widow Clicquot. The glamorous event will take place at the Corney&Barrow Monument in the City of London. The evening will begin at 8.30pm and at the door you will be greeted with a glass of Veuve Clicquot.

Dress Code: Wicked Elegance

7.Gilgamesh Camden – Pandora’s Box Halloween

Date: 29th October 2016


The luxurious, pan-Asian lounge style restaurant – Gilgamesh is the one place in London, which is provoked to open Pandora’s box and release all the evils of Envy, Lust, Sloth and Greed.Do you want to be part of the dark world at least for a night? Then Gilgamesh’s venue is your place to be for Halloween’s Eve.

The club offers unique and exclusive journey followed by world-class entertainment. All kinds of artists have prepared a top freak show to feed your inner demons, letting you indulge in this spooky party.The club consists of 3 rooms in between you can choose, depending on your interests.

Room 1: The Babylon-plays Commercial, RnB and Clubs Classics.

Room 2: The lounge opposite the restaurant, plays House Music,

Room 3: The Ginger Martini Room – an exclusive cocktails bar, it give more of a VIP feeling. Plays variety of sounds.

Dress Code: Fancy Dress is Mandatory. It does not have to be a full on outfit, a small devilish accessory will do.

Hopefully the article helped you make up your mind on a Halloween Venue, now is time to do your bookings, get your fancy dress ready  and indulge in this sinful , dark evening.

Thank you xx

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